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Hoarders FAQs

Hoarders Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The subject of hoarding is still a very hotly debated and widely misunderstood topic. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about hoarding. Hoarders should be taken seriously and the requests that a hoarder may ask should be considered. Working with the hoarder instead of against the hoarder is always preferred.

The definition of hoarding.

Hoarding is collecting or accumulating large amounts of items that would otherwise be consider useless or invaluable to others. Hoarders have a difficult time differentiating between what is garbage and what is valuable.

Hoarding can also man collecting an overabundance was one particular item/object/living thing and not being able to care for it properly. In the case of animal hoarding, while pet owners may love the animals they take into their home, their inability to care for them all properly threatens the health and safety of both themselves and the animals.

Hoarding environments are usually deemed unlivable by those not suffering from the condition due to the odors, clutter, and gross filth that has built up in the home.

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What are the hazards of hoarding?

Hoarding is dangerous to people and animals due to the inherent health risks of living in an unsanitary environment.

Firstly, hoarding large amounts of any item will result in stacks of objects in the home. Address Our Mess has found that homeowners and pets have lost their lives in hoarded homes due to being trapped under piles of clutter that had fallen over.

Secondly, the unsanitary nature of a hoarded home can attract many insects, rodents, and unwanted animals to the property. These critters are harbingers for various diseases and will take the pathogens and allergens anywhere they go.

Insects and rodents can also ruin the structural integrity of a home by leaving behind feces and urine. Animals and insects will also eat away at building materials such as wood, drywall, insulation, etc. to build nests or for nourishment.

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How do I confront someone who I think may be a hoarder?

Firstly, it is important to consider the word usage in the question. “Confrontations” should be out of the question. Approaching someone about a hoarding condition should never been about volatility or confrontation.

Imagine being “confronted” because you where shoes every time you leave the house. Believe it or not, those who hoard are doing something as easy and natural and “right” as putting on shoes to leave the house.

In order to fully understand why someone hoards, you must create a mutual respect for one another and approach the situation in a kind and courteous manner.

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I think I am a hoarder. Where do I start?

The first step on the road to living a happier, healthier lifestyle is admitting that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. If you think you may be a “hoarder”, chances are that you are struggling with keeping your household neat, clean, and sanitary.

The most important place to start is to take away all of the things that overwhelm you. This means not trying to tackle cleaning the entire home all at once.

Rather, commit 15 minutes a day to organizing, sorting, sanitizing, or throwing things away. It will not matter what is clean or how clean it is. It will not matter if an entire room is finished. What will matter is that you worked for 15 minutes that day and you will continue to work another 15 minutes tomorrow.

In no time, your clutter will disappear and you can enjoy your home.

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What does a hoarding cleaning service do?

A hoarding cleaning service offers the service of highly-trained, certified technicians and project managers to handle deep cleaning projects that would otherwise be unsanitary and/or unhealthy for others to undertake.

By hiring a hoarding cleaning service, the homeowner will have the peace of mind in knowing that all biohazards will be handled properly and efficiently. Feces, urine, vomit, and other bodily fluids can all be cleaned, sanitized, and disposed of properly by a certified hoarding cleaning service.

Also, Address Our Mess offers a unique approach to the service that will make homeowners feel more comfortable about their deep cleaning experience.

Discretion and privacy are priorities. Technicians will never share information about the project with anyone while completing the work using inconspicuous clothing and equipment.

Project Managers will work intimately with the home owner to ensure all items are handled properly. Garbage and objects creating a health risk will be properly disposed of, useful items that are no longer wanted will be donated to a charity of the homeowner’s choice, and the keepsakes and valuable will be organized and restored to their former beauty.

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How much will hoarding cleaning services cost me?

Unfortunately, since every homeowner’s situation is different, prices for hoarding cleaning service can vary greatly.

The best way to find out how much hoarding cleaning service will cost you or someone you know is to consult with a hoarding cleaning service provider like Address Our Mess. Address Our Mess offers estimates either in person, over the telephone, or via email.

Address Our Mess is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all of your questions or provide service to you.

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I don’t want to throw away useful items. But I definitely don’t have room for them and don’t need them anymore. What can I do?

One of the many benefits of working with a hoarding cleaning service like Address Our Mess is that our Project Managers will work with homeowners to choose a charity that will benefit most from inheriting items in a hoard that are useful but no longer welcome.
The homeowner will be able to pick a charity and the hoarding cleaning service provider will take care of the rest.

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Will my collectibles, antiques, valuables or other items be thrown away during the hoarding cleaning process?

The easy answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Address Our Mess knows that you take great pride in your belongings and valuables. Every items that is considered for trash, donation, or keeping is scrutinized by the homeowner and project managers first. If it is agreed that an item is to be thrown away, objects will be disposed of in clear trash bags so that the homeowner feels a sense of safety and trust that her valuables are not being mishandled.

Once the deep cleaning process is finished, Address Our Mess technicians will help organize and sort what is left behind so that precious collectibles and heirlooms and be taken care of and loved for years to come.

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