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About Hoarders Cleaning

Hoarding OfficeAddress Our Mess was founded by a team of professionals with over twenty years of experience servicing and restoring their local communities. Hoarding specialist and co-owner Josh Rafter leads a team of highly-trained, certified technicians to handle hoarding projects large and small.

At Address Our Mess, we pride ourselves on intimate, efficient and confidential work. Our entire staff is trained to cater to the emotional attachment of each object within the home. Address Our Mess offers industry standard services and best practices including:

  • Compassion – We will never judge a person for their hoarding condition
  • Training – Our staff is continually brought up to date on the latest in hoarding education and technology
  • Confidentiality – Client privacy is of the utmost importance. Unmarked trucks, equipment and uniforms are used at each job to ensure that confidentially is strictly upheld.

Our mission is to help hoarders create a happy, healthy living environment for themselves, their families, and their pets. We will respect every client’s feelings and emotional needs during the cleaning process. Life after hoarding cleanup is also one of our top priorities. We offer additional services to cater to your needs like:

  • Janitorial and home maintenance cleaning
  • Restoration construction and repairs to the home
  • Professional organizing services
  • Compassionate staff to help the emotional state of an individual

Address Our Mess takes the opportunity with every hoarder to try to make progress with the cleanup situation and help to understand what caused the emotion to hoard. While we have limited time with each client, our understanding and compassion is there to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of removing items from a home. What are hoarders about? Hoarders are people, and should be treated with the respect that others are treated. Sometimes an outside perspective from a company like Address Our Mess is necessary to bring in another point of view to a hoarder. There is no right or wrong about hoarding, just the safety issues which are caused by the hoard in a home.

The hoarding cleanup process or clutter cleaning process is a large part in how successful a clean out project can be and how to achieve the greatest outcome is to know and understand how the hoarder is thinking or what an individual thinks about the clutter in their home. Many items are important and should be understood before throwing them out or donating them to a charity of the person’s choice.  Providing services for heavy duty cleaning is just one of the many services that the company offers to it’s clients. Privacy is very important to our customers and the company takes that very seriously and doesn’t release our client information to anyone, there are no exceptions.

If you or a loved one has a hoarding issue, please feel free to contact us. We at Address Our Mess welcome you to ease your mind and count on us as your resource to learning more about the hoarding condition and how to overcome it.