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Eliminating Bed Bugs with Heat

Eliminating Bed Bugs with Heat

Bed bugs can be a major pest to deal with. They can easily infest the home, pestering residents, but figuring out how to eliminate the nasty little creatures is a little more difficult than simply using a fly swatter. There are various methods available to get rid of bed bugs, but one method that can be utilized is heat.

bed bugs heatThe Heating Method

Using the heating method does not mean lighting a match and setting fire to the home, but in order to kill bed bugs with heat, the temperature needs to reach a level of heat in which they cannot survive in. Spotting every single bed bug and egg within the home is not possible, so utilizing heat allows for the infected location to be thoroughly treated. A large heater will be necessary in order to heat the home to the proper level of heat. Professionals will be able to provide the heater and know how to efficiently set up the equipment and get the process started in a safe, effective manner.

Bed Bug ServiceThe heating process needs to be monitored in order to ensure that the temperature is held at the right level for the right period of time. Failure to properly monitor the process can result in the survival of the bed bugs and continual infestation. Generally the residence will need to reach up to 140°F for a minimum of two hours or 130°F for a minimum of three hours, but if it is possible to maintain this level of heat for a longer period of time, it will ensure all of the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Why it Works

This heating process works because the bed bugs will either have to escape the heat or perish if they are unable to. It is also really effective because the heat can cover every section of the residence including beds, linens, sofas, etc. This eliminates the need to find every single bed bug and egg prior to treatment.

Preparation and Safety

In order to ensure a safe and effective process, it is necessary to prepare the home for the heat treatment. It is important to make sure there are no cracks or open windows and doors that heat can escape through in order to maintain the proper temperature for the designated amount of time. All flammable and/or explosive materials need to be removed from the home to eliminate fire risks. These preparations must be done prior to the heating process in order to maintain safety standards.

Reasons to Choose Address Our Mess’ Bed Bug Service

  • Address Our Mess uses unmarked vehicles in order to maintain the privacy of our clients.
  • We provide the bed bug preparation services (cleaning, clutter removal, etc.) rather than make the residents prepare the area themselves.
  • The heating method is a safe and natural method to eliminate a bed bug infestation, avoiding the use of chemicals on beds, linens, etc.
  • This method ensures a one-time occurrence, as it can be completed in one day rather than multiple days.
  • No liquid solutions or harsh chemicals will be used in this process.

Address Our Mess is able to offer heat treatment services to eliminate bed bug infestations. Qualified staff will venture to the infected location in unmarked vehicles. Once they reach the home, they will set up and carry out the heating process. It is feasible to eliminate a bed bug infestation in a natural, time-efficient, effective manner, and Address Our Mess is here to help.

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