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How to Clean an Unorganized House

How to Clean an Unorganized House

unorganized-house-cleanupSome unorganized homes require professional advice and experience in order to return them to their original condition.  While cleaning an unorganized home can be an overwhelming and difficult task, clutter cleaning can be broken up into three main steps.

Sort Items into Three Categories

Address Our Mess deep cleaning case managers and technicians pride themselves in making what seems impossible possible.  The key to the success of their clients is to simplify the process, making it less overwhelming and easier to manage.

Sorting through items in an unorganized home can be done by creating categories of items: Trash, Donations, and Keepsakes.

Any trash or garbage lying around can be immediately thrown away or recycled.  This includes rotted food, empty wrappers and boxes, broken items, soiled items, and any other items that have no realistic use.  In extreme circumstances, trash and garbage may have to be removed by a hoarding cleaning service like Address Our Mess.

For items in the home that are in good or great shape, but have no use or business in the home, donations can be made to a local charity in order to enrich the lives of those less fortunate in the community.  It is very common to lose items that are in perfect working order amidst the piles of clutter.  When these items become lost, new ones replace them.  This leaves a person with multiples of the same useful item.  

For more severe cases of clutter and hoarding cleanup, contact us at Address Our Mess for professional help and advice.  Our case managers can arrange for donations to be made in the name of our client and can be delivered to any worthy cause.

Finally, keepsakes, collectibles, and useful household items should be found and returned to the rightful spot in the home.  Deep cleaning is not about going into a home and trashing every item in sight.  Family heirlooms, collectibles, antiques, and other treasures are often buried beneath piles of clutter.  These items are found, carefully cleaned, and returned to their rightful place to make their house a home again.

Dust and Vacuum

Even after deep cleaning has been done, simple dusting and vacuuming should occur before returning sorted items and furniture to the home.  Dusting and vacuuming should be done at least once a week.  Keeping the home free of dust and dirt will only protect the family’s health as well as create a reminder that a clean, healthy environment is a happier one.

Decorate Arrange Home to Desired Living Conditions

The last step in the deep cleaning process can be the most fun.  Finding long lost treasures during the hoarding cleaning process can be very heartwarming and soothing.  Returning these items to their rightful place in the home provides inspiration.  Also, adding fresh paint, replacing old or soiled furniture, and updating broken or filthy appliances can give a home new life and character.

Home are a place of peace and solace.  Many homeowners suffering with unorganized houses may have many hoarding cleaning questions.  Address Our Mess case managers in locations across the US are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if cases become extreme.  Please call us at the telephone number listed above or request a quote.