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Cleaning of Commercial Spaces

Cleaning of Commercial Spaces

Cleaning of Commercial Spaces

Commercial Cleaning Space Specialist

cleaning-of-commercial-spacesCommercial spaces when they are vacated often leave behind a large amount of items that need to be removed from the property.  When commercial tenants are in a building for an extended period of time they purchase items that are connected to the building.  These fixed trade items are left behind if the business closes or relocates. Often these fixed trade items left behind are considered obsolete or are no longer valuable to their business. What type of items can be left behind in the business?

Examples of items that are left behind by businesses are wooden pallets and boxes. These are often easily disposed of individually, but in many businesses there are generally hundreds of them that need to be removed. Another factor is you may not know what products or substances were on these pallets or in the boxes. It could have been clothing or a biologically harmful product? This requires special skills and training in order to dispose of the contaminated materials.  Another part of the cleaning process is the removal or cleaning of functionally obsolete equipment.

Functionally obsolete equipment is often a troublesome and needs to be removed from the property. Much of this equipment cannot be re-purposed for new production use. Sometimes this equipment has been in place for years and the areas where they were, need to be cleaned. The cleaning of the grime and dirt from these areas would be considered heavy cleaning.

Heavy cleaning is necessary in many of these facilities, because over the course of time a large amount of dust and grime may have built up over time due to the production process. Also, these facilities may have left over hazardous chemicals from the prior manufacturing process that could potentially contaminate the new products in this facility. All of these potential pollutants can cause trouble to a would be, lease or property manager. The solution to this can be a heavy duty commercial cleanup done by Address Our Mess.

Address Our Mess is a company that can handle these types of commercial cleanup. Our technicians can handle cleaning jobs large or small and can help in the removal of the items from the property. We can return your commercial property back to its original condition and leave it ready for tenants to occupy the space without cause for concern.