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Elderly Care and Hoarding Cleanup

Elderly Care and Hoarding Cleanup

As caretakers and guardians for our senior citizens, it is important for all of those in the Elderly Care and Senior Living industries to provide the most comprehensive care available.  In some cases, seniors making the transition from independent living to dependent or assisted living facilities are secretly struggling with a hoarding, clutter, or squalor condition.  Address Our Mess provides Elder Care and Senior Living Facilities with a variety of treatments and techniques to assist our seniors in search of a better lifestyle.

Elderly Care For HoardersNo matter what your role is while taking care of senior citizens in an elderly care of senior living facility, your responsibility and passion is directed toward providing quality, compassionate care during the twilight of a person’s life.  Social Services, Rehabilitation Specialists, Nurses, Activity Directors, and even Property Mangers and CEOs all have a duty to ensure their seniors enjoy their quality of life.

Hoarding affects close to 16 million people in the United States alone.  A large number of hoarders are senior citizens, trapped beneath mounds of clutter, some living in gross filth and squalor.  Transitioning to dependent or assisted living can be a major challenge in and of itself for our seniors without having to deal with something as stressful as the hoarding condition.  Those who are unfortunate enough to be living with the debilitating condition are often times left feeling helpless and depressed.

Address Our Mess not only provides hoarding cleaning and sanitation for clients across the country.  Our case managers and technicians have also developed a variety of helpful How-To-Guides, articles, and answer many frequently asked hoarding questions to help seniors, caretakers, and loved ones deal with and overcome the hoarding condition.

Hoarding can affect our seniors in many different ways, on many different levels.  Some seniors may only need to organize and sort simple clutter.  Some may deal with animal hoarding issues.  Others may live in gross filth, with biohazards contaminating the very air they breathe.  The Levels of Hoarding Chart is a perfect starting point for seniors and their caregivers to determine just how severe their particular issue has become.  With this knowledge, seniors and their loved ones can develop a successful course of action which will help them get past the vices of their condition.

There are many Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to approaching a hoarder about their lifestyle.  Address Our Mess has a multitude of other guides and tip sheets, as well as knowledgeable case managers, who can assist senior caregivers with ways on how to earn the trust of the hoarder.  Having an understanding of why this person has chosen to lead a life in this way is all the more beneficial when developing a successful action plan for recovery.

Address Our Mess not only has the ability, expertise, and resources to deep clean and sterilize hoarded homes.  Address Our Mess can also dispose of garbage, donate unwanted usable items to a charity of the senior’s choosing, and can transport other items to other homes, storage facilities, or even to their new assisted living center.  For more information on how to refer a senior citizen in need of hoarding or clutter cleanup services, please contact us at the telephone number listed above or contact us online.