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Extreme Hoarding Cleanup

Extreme Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarders Extreme Cleaning

Gross filth begins to accumulate in cases of extreme hoarding, causing many issues that can compromise the very integrity of a home’s structure.

The following items can be found in mass quantities in the homes of extreme hoarders which will require immediate hoarding cleaning services :  garbage, trash, old/rotted food, piles of dirty dishes, piles of soiled laundry, feces, urine, vomit, other bodily fluids, animals, dead animals and carcasses, hazardous waste or other materials.

Extreme HoardingGross filth from extreme hoarding can attract insects, rodents, and wild animals that carry a variety of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other health risks.  The presence of these animals can be fatal for those living amongst extreme hoarding conditions.  Not only are serious diseases at risk of being spread, but these pests will also destroy the building materials of a home to feed or make nests.  When key components of a home’s structural integrity are compromised, a collapse is inevitable.

Lack of extreme hoarding cleaning also causes many emotional burdens.  When people start to build a hoard, their social skills diminish as they distance themselves from close friends and family members.  Any immediate family that lives with them amongst the filth will also start to build an animosity toward them.  Once an extreme hoarder feels detached from everyone, depression will inevitably sink in.

Extreme HoardingUsually, cases of extreme hoarding are caused by the inability to stop buying new items and introducing them to an already over-cluttered environment.  This alone will cause severe financial burden to a person or family.  Once the hoard has become out of control, the home owner risks a multitude of fines and other financial liabilities for allowing such a dangerous living environment to exist.

Along with fines, local communities can actually act against an extreme hoarder in a legal forum.  People living in extreme hoarding conditions can face eviction, whether they own their home or not, if the municipality deems their home unlivable due to the excessive hoarding.

In order to successfully restore a home to its former functionality and beauty, hoarders and their helpers alike must get on the same page.  The Hoarders Guide of Do’s and Don’ts is a perfect tool to allow hoarders and their helpers learn how to understand one another’s perspective as well as build an all-important bond of trust which is an essential element to the recovery process.

Hoarders and their loved ones have so many frequently asked questions about hoarding.  One of the most common is, “What is life after hoarding like?”  Thankfully, extreme hoarding experts specialize in helping homeowners to become better organizers and sorters.  This will help homeowners keep control of their homes long after the deep cleaning process has ended.

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