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Get Help for a Hoarder

Get Help for a Hoarder

Helping Hoarders Cleanup

Hoarding is a debilitating condition that must be approached with kindness and resolve. Most hoarders do not even realize that their condition is hindering their everyday life. However, some hoarders are actively searching for help and an answer to their issues. When this happens, helping a hoarder properly and courteously is essential to the healing process.

Hoarding affects several key areas of everyday life:

  • Health (physical, emotional, and mental)
  • Relationships with families and friends
  • Value and worth of property and belongs
  • Overall value of neighborhoods and communities

When does a simple collection turn into a hoarding situation? Hoarding occurs when the quantity of items in a living space hinders everyday life and a person’s overall quality of life. Hoarders often hoard items that are no longer useful or sanitary. Papers, boxes, food, garbage, knickknacks, clothing and electronics are all popular items people hoard.

help-for-hoardersBecause of the overall condition of their living area, hoarders tend to distance themselves from close family and friends. The strains on these relationships become more and more damaging to the psyche of a hoarder. Furthermore, confrontations amongst hoarders and those trying to help them alienates them further while causing psychological damage.

The Official Guide of Do’s and Don’ts for Helping Hoarders is an essential tool to help both hoarders and their helpers understand the opposing side of the issue. Hoarders can get a better grip on why people are trying to help and how frustrating the process can be. Helpers can explore how emotional attachment to these hoarded items and alienation oppress their loved ones on a daily basis.

While hoarding has become a mainstream topic, hoarders themselves often do not seek out or crave attention. When helping hoarder, it is important to stress that their privacy and anonymity will remain intact during the cleaning and healing process. It is easy to view “before and after” photos after a 30 minutes television program and recognize instant change. However, positive, effective change does not happen overnight, especially in circumstances of extreme hoarding.

Hoarding cleaning projects take time. Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup service providers like Address Our Mess are staffed with highly-trained technicians who dedicate their careers to helping hoarders in need. State of the art techniques are used along with equipment and work ethic that protect the hoarder’s privacy. There is no better time than now to contact a hoarding cleaning specialist to put a loved one’s life back on track.