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Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarder Cleanup

Collector, Pack Rat or Hoarder?

Hoarder Cleanup, hoarder cleaning

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Hoarding specialists at Address Our Mess are asked on a regular basis, “Am I a collector, a pack-rat, or a hoarder?” Collecting items of value is a very worthwhile hobby. And while being a “pack-rat” may mean that a person keep something longer than someone else might, it does not mean that their hobby has become dangerous. However, if your collection or hoard has deteriorated your quality of life and poses a health risk to you or your family, you are probably a hoarder.

Hoarder cleanup is the first step to getting you and your family out of danger. Hoarding causes many risks. Below are examples of hoarding and the dangers they cause.


Compulsive Shopping and Collecting

Hoards pile up quickly when a person enjoys shopping at a detrimental level. Many hoarders find that their collections contain items never removed from boxes or with price tags still on them. In these cases, hoarer cleanup is not only necessary, but may be profitable. Address Our Mess will assist hoarders with organizing and sorting their overgrown collection. By doing so, hoarder cleanup can turn into selling items that are rarely or never used, providing income for the hoarder.

Food Hoarding

Buying and stocking an overabundance of food may seem like a good idea at first. However, when food sits in cupboards and on shelves well past their expiration dates, health hazards arise. Buckling and rotting cans, soured liquid-based products, and stale solid products are hazardous for people to eat. Furthermore, the mere presence of these items in the home attract unwanted rodents and vermin, creating even more dangerous risks like disease and sickness. Address Our Mess will help discard these hazardous items and provide the hoarder with tips on how to properly store food in a healthy way.

Animal Hoarding

Perhaps the biggest health risk requiring hoarder cleanup is animal hoarding. Animal hoarding is detrimental to both pet owners and the animals they love. An overabundance of pets can create an environment full of allergens, insects, and disease. Also, too many pets can cause issues with starvation, fighting and injury. The most dangerous risk of having too many pets in the exposure to animal urine and feces. Exposure to animal waste can cause breathing problems and disease.

Hoarder cleanup must be trusted to experts. Address Our Mess will dispatch technicians who have extensive training and certifications. Our goal is to return your home to its natural beauty and value.