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Hoarder Specialists

Hoarder Specialists

Professional Hoarder Specialist

For a hoarder, turning to someone for help can be overwhelmingly difficult.  For hoarder helpers, trusting someone to help a friend or relative who is a hoarder can be just as hard.  Finding the right hoarder specialists to cater to the needs and desires of a person suffering as a hoarder is the most important step in the recovery process.

Understanding the role of hoarder specialists is key to a successful deep cleaning project.  Choosing the right hoarding cleaning service can mean the difference between getting the job done right and not getting it done at all.

Hoarder specialists do more than just junk removal.  Hoarder specialists are highly-trained, certified individuals who care deeply about their clients and guide them though the recovery process from start to finish.  The number one objective is to return a hoarder to a happy, healthy, more livable environment while all of their valuables and keepsakes are found and returned to their original place in the home.

Specialists do not just go into a hoarded home and start throwing things away.  They understand that many of the objects are valuables and collectibles lost amongst various other items.  Hoarder specialists will help homeowners with organizing and sorting through each item in the home, creating three separate categories:

  • Trash/Garbage
  • Donations
  • Keepsakes/Collectibles

Only items that could potentially cause a danger to people, or in cases of animal hoarding – endanger pets, are disposed of as garbage.  Objects like spoiled or rotten food, empty wrappers and containers, bags, boxes, hazardous materials, and broken items will be properly and safely disposed of by a hoarder specialist.

Next, hoarders will work intimately with hoarder specialists to find items that are usable but unwanted.  While it may seem ideal for a person to keep every item in their home, there is only so much space to store and display things and only so much time to use and enjoy them.  These unwanted items will be sent to the charity of the home owner’s choice and hand delivered by the hoarder specialists.  People less fortunate will be able to use and enjoy these items thanks to the generosity of the home owner and their family.

Hoarder SpecialistLastly, all collectibles, keepsakes, and usable items left will be restored and returned to their rightful place in the home.  A hoarder specialist takes great pride in showing a hoarder that it is okay to have and enjoy useful things.  Deep cleaning projects are not all about emptying a home until there is nothing left.  Instead, a hoarder specialist’s job is to create a happy, healthy, livable environment for the items left behind to be used and enjoyed in.

Hoarder specialists are also a wealth of knowledge, providing many answers to hoarding questions.  For more information from a hoarder specialist, call the telephone number at the top of the page or fill out a convenient contact form.