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Hoarding Anonymous

Hoarding Anonymous

Living everyday with the embarrassment of the hoarding condition can be overwhelming and stressful. It is estimated that over sixteen million Americans suffer with this mental condition on a daily basis. For hoarders looking to end their days living with mounds of clutter and filth in their homes, searching for help can be even more stressful.

Anonymous Hoarding CleaningAddress Our Mess has been providing elite hoarding cleanup and clutter cleaning services in locations across the US for over twenty years. With discrete and private service practices, Address Our Mess has made it easy for hoarders to clean up their homes anonymously and privately. Recently, Address Our Mess has featured a variety of outlets for hoarders to explore when finding the right course of action for their recovery process.

Every hoarding situation is different. Some may suffer with gross filth, others with clutter. Some hoarders struggle with animal hoarding while others may deal with organization and sorting problems. While types of hoarding may differ, one thing remains constant: finding a service provide who promotes discretion and privacy.

There are many treatment options for hoarders. Deep cleaning and sanitizing a hoarded home is the number one priority to ensure a successful recovery effort. Hoarders cannot learn to change their living habits without first consulting with a profession hoarding cleanup specialist like Address Our Mess. Once the initial deep cleaning service is complete, hoarding support groups and therapists are also available to assist hoarders with the mental and emotional vices that go along with the recovery process.

Finding hoarding anonymous support groups can be a lot easier than one may think. Hoarding task forces are located in counties across every state Address Our Mess services. Along with hoarding task forces, divisions of family services, senior services, and child protective services can also be helpful when finding a hoarding support group with the right fit.

Now more than ever, hoarding therapists are equipped with the tools and expertise to help hoarders with the mental and emotional impacts of hoarding. With the recent publication of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V, the APA has acknowledged hoarding as its own unique mental condition. This means more mental health professionals will be designated to research and treatment development for hoarders across America.

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