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Hoarding Help in Connecticut

Hoarding Help in Connecticut

Hoarding Cleanup Services in Connecticut

Connecticut CleanupIt is estimated that over 179,000 residents in Connecticut are suffering from the mental condition known as compulsive hoarding. This staggering number of people looking for a solution to this debilitating problem has prompted Address Our Mess, an industry leader in hoarding cleaning and clutter cleanup, to take action.

Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that creates an emotional connection with objects that have little or no value to a typical person. Items like boxes, wrappers, garbage, food, newspapers, and novelty collectibles are all commonly found in a hoarder’s stash. Many types of hoarding contribute to the mounds of clutter in any given home like shopping hoarding, food hoarding, paper hoarding, and trash hoarding.

Dr. Cristina Gilliam, Ph. D., a Staff Psychologist at Connecticut’s Hartford Hospital, has even linked the hoarding disorder to abnormal brain function in a 2009 interview with WTNH-TV. Dr. Gilliam explains that this abnormal brain function was detected in parts of the brain that handle decision making capabilities. This makes sense, for as hoarders sit down to decide how to organize, sort, and throw away items in their home, their decision making capabilities are hindered.

Along with the help of therapists, support groups, and psychologists like Dr. Gilliam, Address Our Mess Case Managers work closely with hoarders in order to assist with the part of their treatment that involved deep sanitation and clutter cleanup. Case manager will help Connecticut hoarders organize their items into three main categories:

  •          Keepsakes/Collectibles
  •          Donations
  •          Trash/Garbage

Every item in the home will be closely evaluated by the hoarder and the case manager before being acted upon. Once items are sorted, deep cleaning can begin. Different Levels of Hoarding require unique deep cleaning methods. While simple clutterers may just need help organizing what is left, those in need of Animal Hoarding cleaning services will need deep sterilization and possible repairs to the affected home.

Connecticut Hoarders can find more information on Address Our Mess’ hoarding cleanup services by dialing the telephone number listed above. Hoarders may contact us online as well. For more information on Hoarding Cleanup in Connecticut, please visit our Connecticut page.