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Hoarding Dangers

Hoarding Dangers

Hoarding Dangers

Hoarding DangersWhen people look at hoarding, they do not understand that in actuality there is a lot of health problems that might endanger the hoarder. This can be caused by hoarding a particular or amount of items that could potentially result in a health hazard for the individual. What could be those potential health hazards associated with each one. The first type of item that many people hoard is paper.

Paper hoarding is something that can be hazardous to individuals who are hoarders. Why paper is dangerous is that generally it can be hoarded in copious amounts in a fairly quick manner. If an individual hoards newspapers for example and does not recycle them it can cause the piles to grow in a fairly quick period of time. Paper items can represent number of hazards that can beholden a hoarder to peril. They could rot over a period of time, which could potentially result in them collapsing on a person. If there was a fire, the material can be possibly become fuels for the fire. Another product that people tend to hoard is biological material.

Biological materials that people hoard can vary from food to feces. There are varying reasons behind why they might hoard various types of biological waste. However, these all offer a large amount of potential hazards to an individual who is hoarding them. Both biological waste and rotting food can be broken down overtime, and this would release potential byproducts that could cause the hoarder to become sick. Another factor is that these products could affect the people that the hoarder is living with and resulting in them becoming sick as well. Also, the biological waste could result in the property itself being damaged after a course of time. Another type of hoarding that poses potential dangers is animal hoarding.

Animal hoarding is one of the most detrimental and dangerous versions of hoarding. The noxious waste that many animals exude from their waste. This can possibly result in harm to the individuals’ bodily functions, because the chemicals can scar the people’s organs. Other possible dangers is the destruction of the property where the animals are being hoarded, because of general wear and tear, and acidity of the fecal waste that is being disposed in the home.

All of these factors can make hoarding dangerous to the individual. Here at Address Our Mess we pride ourselves on helping those individuals avoid the potential dangers of homes becoming a hoarding nightmare. Also, our case managers and personnel want to help insure this person leads a healthy and full life after the mess has been cleaned out.

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