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Hoarding Obsession

Hoarding Obsession

Helping Hoarders With An Obsession To Collect

Hoarding is an obsession that many people cannot comprehend. Many individuals wonder what is causing those people suffering to obsess over items that we would consider less than useful. Obsession over these particular items is not a particularly good characteristic for one to have, but often they have no control over it since it is the result of obsessive compulsive disorder. This can be bettered though with the help of a therapist who can treat the issue. However, what are defining characteristics of OCD.

OCD characteristics generally can occur through a few different things in an individual such as obsessing or worrying over particular items. Often the person accumulates so many items that the space that the items occupy is not being able to be used for normal purposes. Also, the reason often for people collecting these materials is that there is innate difficulty to discard personal possessions, since it might result in the distress of certain items. A significant issue that plagues them is the inability to discern what is of great personal value and what is of limited use. An example would be a priceless family photo and old aluminum foil from a sandwich. There are specific behaviors that can help classify an individual with suspected OCD hoarding

An individual who is suffering from severe OCD might not realize that their behaviors can coincide in direct relation with hoarding. They might consider there excessive collection of items not being an issue despite it being the exact opposite of the truth. Also, this might result in an individual being delusional on the belief that they are not having any of these behaviors, and can become defensive over the insinuation of this truth. A factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that of excessive purchases or collecting of items, despite there being little or no available space in their dwelling. There are many fears that can be brought on though OCD which expedites the collecting issues.

Common themes though can be classified as obsessions that might instigate the hoarding of items. Sometimes they try and avoid the compulsion to keep checking on an item, by simply letting it fall where it lies in order to forget misplacement of the item. Another issue that arises from letting the item fall on the floor is that many individuals effected by OCD are a concern of cleanliness. The cleanliness causes a person to believe that anything that touches the ground is unsanitary and cannot be touched again, this results in build-up of items over time.

All of the above are reasons that hoarding can be caused by the issue of OCD. It effects many individuals from all walks of life. Family and loved ones often help these individuals get help from therapists who can diagnosis them. Here though we can address the issues and solve it eventually through the help of family, therapists, and cleaners.

Address Our Mess hoarding cleanup specialists deal with hoarding obsession during some of our projects and having someone trained and educated on how to deal with the hoarders cleanup is important.