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Why Use a Hoarding Therapist

Why Use a Hoarding Therapist

Why Use a Hoarding Therapist

Therapist Help For Hoarding

Why-Use-A-Hoarding-TherapistHoarding therapists are essential to the treatment of an individual who has a hoarding tendency or problem. In most cases, hoarding is brought on by a psychological or mental issue that must be resolved before the clean out of the items. Understanding the psychological aspect is important, because without getting to the source of the problem then hoarding will reoccur. Hoarding has a high repeat rate, without the proper help that is necessary for a hoarder to recover. What does hoarding therapy entail in stopping?

  • Clutter that blocks major functions of the home: This can entail the blocking of bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. This can be problematic for an individual because it is blocking essential areas of the home. Hoarding blocking these areas  can result in the decline of hygiene and health . The therapist would be able to find out why in many cases that one particular room is being cluttered rather than just the entirety of the property itself.
  • Excessive gathering of items: The hoarding therapist will be able to analyze the problem from the items that they are gathering. It can range from a small amount to a large amount of items gathered in the property. They will be able to diagnose the problem by going over the items with the hoarder. Sometimes, the hoarder gathers the items because of it reminding them of an item they lost or brings on an obsession.
  • Difficult of removing items or letting them go: Many cases the individual hoarder has an emotional attachment to an item. This emotional attachment can lead to serious problems of gathering items. With the help of the hoarding therapist, this problem can be rooted out.

Hoarding therapy is not for those individuals who are just thinking that the items are junk in the hoarders home and know none the wiser. Hoarders have strong attachments to their possessions, and without setting back proper precautions than there might be a chance that the individual could get worse. With the help of a hoarding therapist, a specialized hoarding cleanup company can do their job more effectively.

Address Our Mess can help in the hoarding situation. Over the years, Address Our Mess has developed referral relationships with many therapists who are looking to treat hoarders.  The Address Our Mess primary goal is to ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for future habitation by the treated hoarder.

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