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Hotel Clean Out Service

Hotel Clean Out Service

Hotel CleaningLooking at hotels for a trip that you and/or a loved one may be going on is often an arduous process. What you may not realize is that the work that goes into maintaining the conditions of the hotel rooms. Hotels are often obligated to renovate their rooms every 3-5 years in order to keep up their appearance and appeal to more customers. Over time the furniture becomes tired and dated, and thus needs to be replaced. Deep cleaning is also necessary in order to maintain sanitary conditions for guests. In order to restore hotel conditions, the services of a hotel clean out service may be necessary.

When looking at a hotel, you should note the features that they have, including the furniture. If furniture looks old in the pictures, it is because it is old.  Hotels routinely change whole floors to avoid this problem. The old case-goods, bedding, and electronics are removed and replaced with the latest in hotel furnishings. Sometimes in larger hotels, they gut the rooms all the way down to stud and update the wiring within it. What happens to all the debris and items?

The items that are in good condition and removed from the room can be reused by other hotels, sold, or given to charitable organizations that can use them to resell. Mattresses would need to be disposed of in a proper and safe manner because many might not be usable anymore. The rooms that are not gutted need a thorough heavy duty cleaning to be done. This is too remove all of the grime, dust, and other particles that have accumulated in the room over the years. What does this all entail?

In order to thoroughly clean and update a hotel room, all of the items in the room, from top to bottom, need to be removed; this includes dressers, chairs, tables, and much more. Once these items have been removed from the room, a thorough deep cleaning needs to be completed in order to give the room a fresh smell and clean feel. After years of wear and tear this needs to be done in order to make the hotel readily available for new customers. What company can handle this type of work?

Address Our Mess can handle a whole host of different scenarios in the hotel industry. One of the problems of the hotel industry is the need to constantly renovate the rooms in order to keep up with the times and customer desires. Let us help remove the items and thoroughly clean the hotel rooms to restore their original splendor. Our excellent crews will provide a thorough cleaning and have your room to a blank canvas on which to plan the next change in your hotel property.