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Insurance and Your Cleaning Company

Insurance and Your Cleaning Company

Insurance and Your Cleaning Company

Insurance Coverage For Hoarding Cleanup

Insurance Home CleaningOne of the most important things that should cross your mind, but may not in most cases is insurance. This may be pretty boring to you because all it does in most cases is take out a small amount of money and pays off in the case of an emergency or disaster. However, some companies might try to skimp on it and not bother to buy the insurance, which can put you as the property owner at risk. It is your responsibility to do the due diligence on insuring that you are not held liable by an uninsured cleaning company. How can you understand that the company is uninsured?

Business Name On Paperwork

In many states it is required that the business license and their name is prominently displayed on all paperwork. This is too insure that the companies are of a reputable nature and too show that they are acting in good faith of the consumer. A cleaning company without these indicators, could be potentially uninsured, and it is a red flag for you. Also, an uninsured cleaning company could be a lower than normal rate than its competitors. The rates for many cleaning companies are comparable since they often use similar products and insurance. The dramatic differences are noticeable in the estimate that the cleaning might quote. What are other signs that show that firm is uninsured?

Denied Request For Proof Of Business License

One of the key signs is that they are only accepting cash in regards to payment of services. This is a red flag showing that they are doing this as an under the table side project for extra income. Also, you may ask them for their proof of business, which is required in most states upon request of the customers. If they refuse to provide this information, it is important to make note that it shows questionable character, and that without this proof of business they cannot get the proof of insurance necessary to do the work.  These problems  that are noted above can help point you in the right direction when looking for a reputable cleaning company.

A reputable and insured cleaning company has the following notifications that they are insured to do the cleaning work. One of the first things that you may notice is that all of the paperwork that is given to you has their business licensing at the top and depending on the cleaning job there is the insurance paperwork attached. Another factor is that they are willing to share their information on their business with them in accordance with your request.

Proper Cleanup Insurance Importance

Address Our Mess is a specialty cleaning company that has all the property certifications which includes their insurances. As a professional cleaning company they need to have this information on file and readily available, because of the cleaning services that they offer. It helps protect them and their clients from the possibility of legal issues that may have not have been completed properly. Also, it gives a client peace in dealing with a respectable business organization.

Always ask for proper insurance from your cleaning service provider.

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