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Maryland Hoarding Cleanup

Maryland Hoarding Cleanup

Maryland Hoarding Clean UpEveryday activities like walking through the house or using the kitchen are luxuries most people don’t even think about.  But the reality is, these conveniences are taken away when a home becomes severely hoarded. In recent years, hoarding has become a huge problem throughout Maryland that needs to be addressed.

Hoarding Safety Concerns

Every household has clutter, but once clutter turns into a hoarding situation it becomes very difficult to live in and navigate the home. Most people let clutter accumulate in basements, garages, and attics, because it’s easy storage that doesn’t really affect the occupants of the home. But in hoarding situations, clutter goes from filling up storage areas, to filling up living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Once clutter starts piling up in these living spaces, it becomes extremely hard to do even simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Severe clutter also makes it difficult for anyone to access the home, including repair professionals or emergency workers. If something in the home breaks or there is an emergency with the occupants, it’s almost impossible to get help. In the most extreme situations, hoarders often go without things like water, electricity, or heat because no one can get into the home to fix these issues.

For the safety of everyone involved, hoarding situations need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. The cleanup process can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming, so it usually can’t be done alone. Hoarders will need to find support from family and friends, mental health professionals, or specialty cleaning professionals.

Help for Maryland Residents

If you decide to use a specialty cleaning service, it’s important to pick a company that is sensitive to hoarding situations. Address Our Mess has teams throughout Maryland that have worked with hundreds of residents in order to help them get their homes back. Our in-house technicians and case managers are trained to compassionately work with you to go through all your items, one room at a time.

We handle all the heavy lifting, so your only responsibility is to tell us what you need. For the items you decide to let go of, we take care of all trash disposal and we take all donations to a charity of your choice, in your name.  If you need things moved out of your house and into a nearby storage facility, we handle packing and transportation of that too.

Depending on the severity of the situation, the home may also need a deep cleaning. Our technicians will remove any filth, waste, or biohazards and make sure the home is clean and sanitized. At the end of the job, we want to make sure you can easily maintain the home by yourself.

Address Our Mess has local teams in Maryland that will support you throughout the entire cleanup process.  We are working to ensure every hoarded home in Maryland is clean, safe, and functional again.