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Meet Josh Rafter

Meet Josh Rafter

About Josh Rafter of Address Our Mess

Josh RafterWhen hoarders seek professional assistance with cleaning up their hoarded homes, they desire safe, efficient, and courteous personal service.  Josh Rafter, a proud Owner of Address Our Mess, has dedicated his career to providing his clients with compassionate service while surpassing industry standards and guidelines with his exemplary deep cleaning practices.

Josh Rafter boasts over ten years of front-line experience in the cleaning, remediation, and restoration industry.  Josh has experienced every level of hoarding and clutter cleanup.  His vast knowledge of the profession has allowed him to deliver intimate and compassionate services while consistently introducing new and improved ways for hoarders to leave their cluttered past behind them.


Among the various certifications Josh Rafter possesses are:

  •          Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  •          Advanced Structural Drying Designation
  •          Hoarding Certification

Address Our Mess is also a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, a non-profit organization specifically designated to connect experts with hoarders seeking help.  

For more information on Josh Rafter, Address Our Mess, or hoarding clutter cleanup, please call us at the number listed above or contact us via email.

Josh Rafter
Josh Rafter Hoarding Specialist

Hoarding Specialist and Co-Founder/Owner of Address Our Mess
Josh Rafter specializes in extreme cleanup situations such as hoarding, animal hoarding, heavy duty, estate clean out and other specialty cleaning services.