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Hoarding Cleanup New York

Hoarding Cleanup New York

Hoarding Cleanup New York

Cleaning Up New York With Hoarding Specialists

Hoarding-Cleanup-NewYorkNew York is nicknamed the Empire State not just for the large companies that call New York City its home, but because of the vast size of the state itself. In this state roughly 10% of the population suffers from severe clutter or the hoarding disorder. The problem hoarding cannot just be found in the cities of New York, Buffalo, or Albany, but in the wheat fields, and the forested mountain areas of the state.  What does hoarding cleanup entail though to the people in the state of New York?

Hoarding cleaning in many cases requires the removal of the clutter from the property. This clutter can comprise of paper, plastics, metal, old electronics, or other forms of material that would be considered junk by many people. These items need to be removed from the home in order to help the person declutter their mind, which is one of the worst parts of the hoarding problem. The other problem that needs to be removed from the property is any biological waste that might have been hoarded.

The hoarding of biological materials is probably one of the most disastrous parts of hoarding that needs to be resolved. Biological waste that needs to be removed from a hoarding situation would be considered feces, urine, rotting food, and chemicals. These are hazardous materials that can cause sickness for the individual and a potential hazard for those people that are close to home. These particular hazards need to be cared for in a safe and secure manner, because of the potential that they might cause grave health concerns. Also, what is necessary to clean the home after all this refuse and clutter has been removed.

Deep cleaning is essential to returning the property to a safe and livable condition, this would include a thorough wipe down and decontamination of the home or apartment. This wiping and deep cleaning of the property will help in the removal of the grime and harmful bacteria that generally thrives in it. This gives the person who has recovered from hoarding a pristine and clean living environment in which to return home. Not all companies do this, but Address Our Mess does.

Address Our Mess offers all these services to the citizens of the great state of New York. Servicing those individuals’ homes that need the most help. Our compassionate crews can work in apartments in downtown Manhattan too, the larger properties on the farmlands outside of Ithaca. We will go anywhere for the clients in New York that need our expert care and help.