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Ohio Hoarding Cleaning

Ohio Hoarding Cleaning

Hoarding Cincinnati OH  BeforeFor residents of Ohio, finding anonymous yet trustworthy help with hoarding cleaning and clutter cleanup is very important.  It is estimated that 2-5% of Ohio residents suffer from the hoarding condition.  That means anywhere between 230,000 and 577,000 people struggle with the challenges of hoarding in the state of Ohio every day.

Due to the rise in popularity of reality television series like A&E’s Hoarders, Ohioans battling with the vices of hoarding fear that asking for help means being put under a spotlight.  While most hoarders want help, they most certainly do not desire attention.

Hoarding cleaning service providers are now offering strictly private services to Ohio residents.  By choosing to take the first step towards a happier, healthier lifestyle, Ohioans can count on a service provider to keep private all matters that are involved with a hoarding or clutter cleaning project.

First and foremost, hoarding cleaning experts will never share a client’s personal information with anyone else.  This means that pesky neighbors, casual snoops, or even close family members will be kept out of the loop if the client deems it necessary.  All matters regarding the hoarding cleaning process will be kept secret, private, and secure.

Another of the more commonly asked questions about hoarding privacy is in regards to logos and advertising.  Hoarding cleaning technicians will never advertise the type of service a hoarder in Ohio is receiving.  Technicians arrive with inconspicuous clothing and work attire in unmarked vehicles.  All equipment being used in the project does not display any company logos or suggest any particular type of service is being performed.  This allows workers to travel in and out of a home discretely and privately.

Hoarding Cincinnati OH AfterLastly, every item sorted and removed from the home passes through the client personally.  Clear plastic heavy duty trash bags are used not only for safety and efficiency, but also for clients to feel at ease with the items being removed or thrown away.  Then, unlabeled boxes and trucks are used to transport either garbage, donations, or keepsakes to a place specifically designated by the client.

Whether Ohio residents suffer from typical hoarding ailments like biohazards and clutter, or if animal hoarding services are required, hoarders should feel confident in knowing that they can receive the help they need without having to worry about others finding out their personal business.