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Having Pets as a Hoarder

Having Pets as a Hoarder

Pet Hoarding Most people love having cats, dogs, or other animals in the home. This is partially because having pets can really improve your health in a lot of ways. Our brains are conditioned to love animals, and just petting them releases happy hormones and reduces stress. For a lot of people, pets can even provide emotional support. They become someone to talk to when things go wrong, they can encourage a more active lifestyle, and they can even reduce depression and anxiety. But those living in hoarding situations should be wary about taking care of pets.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is the most obvious example of hoarding with pets gone wrong. Most people have seen situations like these on the news, where dozens of animals are rescued from a home. In animal hoarding situations, pets lack space, nutrition, medical care, hygiene, and more. Even though a lot of animal hoarders start out with good intentions, it’s impossible to take care of that many animals at once and the animals are usually the ones who end up suffering. In the worse instances, pets are often found dead or near death.

Clutter Hoarding

But most hoarders aren’t in extreme situations like these. Having a lot of clutter doesn’t turn you into an animal hoarder, but regular clutter hoarding can still be dangerous for pets and their owners. Severely hoarded homes have almost no maneuverability, meaning pets won’t have any space to walk, exercise, or move. This kind of restriction can lead to permanent disabilities and health concerns.

Air quality is also usually compromised in hoarded homes. Pets are forced to breathe in all kinds of dust and dirt and it can potentially make them really sick. Pets get sick like people do, so constant exposure to waste and filth really affects them.

Having animals in a hoarded home is also a concern for the human occupants. Mixing animals with hoarding is usually a nasty recipe for biohazards. When animals are cooped up in confined spaces, they are forced to defecate in whatever space is available to them. Waste from just one animal is enough to make the house unsafe for occupants and everyone in the home becomes at risk for a number of diseases and illnesses.

For everyone’s safety, hoarded homes need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Address Our Mess is here to help homeowners and their pets get their homes back. Our technicians will work with you to make decisions about your clutter clean up and clean any areas that your pet has soiled or damaged. At the end of the job, Address Our Mess ensures that the home is returned to a safe and healthy environment for owners and their pets again.