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Senior Cluttering Causes

Senior Cluttering Causes

Causes Of Clutter Buildup For Seniors

Often seniors have a sense of attachment towards clutter. Seniors have a sense of wanting a time in the past that they miss. Also, their memory might be fleeting and they are trying to grasp a hold of whatever memories they can, so they hold onto an item, which helps them remember. Another factor is loneliness, because of losing someone near and dear to them. Throughout this writing we will be over-viewing of senior hoarding.

Senior Hoarding Factors

There is a sense of loyalty or emotional attachment to some of these items. Sometimes these are gifts from family members and friends, which they see as a necessary item to keep around. Also, they might have a specific memory that surrounds an item. This could be from a toy they had as a child or something that their grandchildren possibly made for them. Memories are certainly an important aspect to an individual, since these items to them might have a significant amount of emotional history attached to it. Another factor that occurs in senior hoarding is their health.

Senior Health Issues

Health is a significant cause of many of the issues caused by senior hoarding problems. Often senior health issues can occur on a dime turn. An example of this can be in the case of stroke, whereas before they were healthy and able to move around now they are confined to a wheelchair. Because of this event they are no longer able to perform their household duties. Seniors may no longer having the health and vigor of youth, thus can become fatigued more easily. As a consequence, they are more likely to push off doing the work till a later date. While they may be pushing clean outs till a later date, they are still willing to spend their money.

Senior citizens now have more disposable income than they ever did in the past. A result is they have a higher chance of creating clutter through the purchasing of new items. This is mainly drawn about their need to conserve resources as well. This is an often  considered after effect for many, because having grown up in a depression area lifestyle.

All of these factors are reasonable causes for senior hoarding and cluttering. These are not unusual circumstances to behold. We have not seen this in  a great volume in prior years due to the dramatic increase in life expectancy.