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Heavy Duty Cleaning Services

Address Our Mess specializes in creating a unique experience for each customer and delivering excellent customer service throughout the project to make sure your cleaning goes well. Please see some of the services we offer below such as hoarding cleaning, animal hoarding cleaning, junk removal, clutter cleanup as well as other specialty cleaning services that you may need.

hoarding cleanup servicesHoarding Cleaning Services
Hoarding cleaning is a serious project and can be very stressful but our team is here to help you take your life to the next level with a friendly, nice, and thoughtful staff who is trained to find items of value such as monetary items and non-monetary items like pictures or memorable items that you may want to keep. Our hoarding specialists have done many jobs and know how to handle the hoarding situation and complete the project with a limited amount of stress on the hoarder.


animal hoarding servicesAnimal Hoarding Services
Animal hoarding can be a very serious health issue with all the feces and gross filth laying around from the animals. It is difficult to bring the home back to a sanitary condition to make it livable for the homeowner and the pets that our in the home. Sometimes there may even be dead animals and most times the carpet and other items need to be trashed from the smell of feces. The home needs a proper fumigation to clear the disease and bacteria in the home. We use the same type of cleaning agent and process in the home as we do in a hospital to make sure the type of living condition is brought back to normal.


clutter cleaning serviceClutter Cleanup Services
A serious condition of clutter is always considered on a less urgent nature than a hoarding condition but should still be done with professional and organized staff. A serious clutter condition could cause issues which can harm the individual such as books or other items on the floor or difficulty walking in certain areas of the home. Our staff is ready to help with your clutter cleaning!



estate cleanout servicesEstate Cleanout Services
Estate cleaning is completed by our knowledgeable staff who can help to save the valuables for an estate sale and dispose of the items which don’t have value. The team can assess the damage and also do basic construction on a home to make it a home that can be staged for sale.


gross filth clean upGross Filth Cleanup
A filthy home can contain various biohazards and bacteria. These hazards can put residents’ health at risk. Gross filth cleanup needs to be completed as soon as possible in order to minimize dangers. Our professional team can evaluate the situation, and upon evaluation, they can safely and efficiently cleanup the property filth.