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Estate Cleanup Services

Estate Cleanup Services

Losing a loved one is difficult, but cleaning the home or property of the departed doesn’t have to be. Don’t be burdened by the tasks of settling and sorting possessions that were left behind. Address Our Mess provides professional estate cleanout services to make the process a bit easier.

Estate Cleanout Services Include:

  • Our company offers free coordination with a professional personal property assessor. This makes it possible to determine if there are valuable items that can be sold, auctioned or consigned to a reputable company. Our staff is also able to discard any remaining items.
  • We will remove/haul away any unwanted items.
  • We are able to donate items to charity if requested (ask your accountant about tax write offs).
  • We provide deep cleaning services, which include wiping down windows, walls, and ceilings.
  • We also offer a free assessment of the home, which can help to determine if anything needs to be repaired, replaced, or removed. Our team will then be able to provide construction repair services if requested.
  • Address Our Mess will help you get in contact with a local real estate agent. This service is complimentary, and Address Our Mess cannot guarantee the sale of the property.

The staff at Address Our Mess is dedicated to you and here to provide compassionate, efficient care and services to ensure that your estate cleanout is completed and you are not burdened with additional stresses.