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Gross Filth Cleanup Services

Gross Filth Cleanup Services

When dirt and dust in a home transform into gross, grimy biohazards, it is time for filthy house cleanup. The difference between these conditions and that of a simply untidy or dirty home is that the muck and grime in a filthy home are dangerous biohazards that can bring about illness. In addition to health concerns, the neglect and filth can impede upon structural integrity.

Filthy home factors:

  • Pack rat behavior
  • Domestication of wild animals
  • Garbage and trash scattered around the interior and/or exterior of the property
  • Biohazards – bodily fluids, feces, urine, vomit, etc.
  • Structural damage and/or other apparent safety hazards as a result of property neglect or infestation

Filthy Home Cleanup:

  • Our staff is made up of highly-trained and certified professionals who are well equipped to handle potential biohazards.
  • Staff is compassionate and patient and will not judge. Our staff has completed many cleanup projects and been through all types of situations. The combination of their training and their experiences makes them well prepared to help with the situation.
  • The matter is a private matter and will remain so. Unmarked vehicles will be utilized so as not to advertise the situation, and the situation will not be discussed with anyone except you or anyone you deem acceptable.
  • Dumpsters and cube trucks are available to dispose of unwanted items.
  • Proper equipment and cleaning methods are utilized in order to provide efficient and safe service.

Gross filth can lead to various sanitary and health risks. It is important to call professionals to assist with the cleaning process in order to properly dispose of materials and sanitize the location while simultaneously minimizing safety risks and unnecessary exposure to hazards.