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Hoarders Cleanup Services

Hoarding is a serious condition in which the hoarder may have built up an excessive collection of possessions and has difficulty departing with these items. Address Our Mess is here to make the process easier. Our staff are trained professionals that will work with you to provide the best service.

Hoarding Cleanup Services Include:

  • A case manager helps to support and get you through this difficult process.
  • Staff is compassionate and patient and will not judge. Our staff has completed many cleanup projects and been through all types of situations. The combination of their training and their experiences makes them well prepared to help with the situation.
  • The matter is a private matter and will remain so. The situation will not be discussed with anyone except you or anyone you deem acceptable.
  • Staff will sort and organize items alongside you, so you have a say and can see what is happening to your belongings.
  • Dumpsters and cube trucks are available to dispose of unwanted items.

Hoarding cleanup will help to make life better for you and anyone involved in your life. A clean home will provide a clean slate, allowing you to be at ease and live a healthier life.

How To Deal With A Hoarding Cleanup?

Don’t feel like you need to rush into pushing the hoarder into getting it cleaned up in one day. The person needs to deal with the compassionate side of throwing the items away or giving them to the poor. Always be kind and gentle with the person your trying to help and remember that taking into consideration their thoughts and opinions is important.

Treat Hoarders With Respect

The biggest thing a person helping a hoarder can do is treat them with respect. In many cases, hoarders are extremely nice people and have an emotional connection to the items that they obtain. It’s difficult for them to part with the items because of the connection but knowing that they will have a healthier and better live after they part with the items will help them to get rid of the stuff faster.

I’m Not A Hoarder

Many people won’t admit to being a hoarder and they don’t have too. Hoarding is sometimes used as a negative term but really it’s a collection of items that can easily be misunderstood because it could just be a large amount of clutter. People can easily get busy with work or other things in there life and start to have items pile up until they realize the collection has become out of hand. This is when it’s easier to call a professional company to come in and not judge the amount of stuff they have but just remove it.

Call Us or Find Out More About Hoarding Cleaning! Hoarders services are private and confidential.