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Tips for Avoiding Spring Cleaning Code Violations

Tips for Avoiding Spring Cleaning Code Violations

How To Make The Code Enforcer Happy?

Spring Cleaning ViolationsThe weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, springtime (and soon summertime) has arrived. With spring comes flowers, singing birds, and, dare I say it, that dreaded spring cleaning. Don’t take out those boxes and brooms just yet! Here are some tips for safe spring cleaning that will keep code enforcement happy (Note: specific offenses and fines vary based on location):

Waste Disposal

  • Apply proper waste disposal procedures. There are days designated for garbage collection in order to maintain the neighborhood and avoid the presence of stagnant waste for long periods of time, which can result in pest infestations and odors. Place your garbage containers curbside the day prior to collection and remove after in a timely manner to avoid fines.
  • Know what to do when getting rid of larger items, such as furniture. Specialized services can help remove excess items that are unable to meet general waste disposal practices. In addition, there are locations designated for the disposal of items such as construction debris, glass, hazardous materials, and other materials that cannot be easily and safely disposed of through regular methods.
  • Recycle when you can. Neighborhoods are encouraging recycling, so try to recycle whenever possible. Similar to general waste disposal practices, approved recyclables are able to be collected on a designated day.

Property Maintenance

  • Maintain your lawn and trees. Unkempt lawns are not only unappealing to view, but they can also serve as the perfect home for vermin. Some townships specify how tall the grass and weeds are permitted to grow, so it is important to ensure your yard conditions meet the specified standards. In addition to lawn care, trees are also important to maintain. Unhealthy trees can be hazardous, so it is crucial to have them evaluated to prevent costly projects and hazardous situations.
  • Ensure swimming pools are up to par. Standing water attracts mosquitoes, providing ideal breeding grounds. It is important to maintain swimming pools and filtration systems to prevent mosquito infestations which can spread diseases.
  • Maintain the property structure. Dangerous structures can be condemned in order to protect public safety. Properties that are detrimental to the community values and safety need to be properly addressed to upkeep the neighborhood. Address and eliminate factors that threaten the property structure, such as excess clutter, biohazards, and weakened structural features.

In order to maintain the well-being of the community and avoid possible citations, it is important to be aware of the specific ordinances of your neighborhood as dates, times, and even procedures may vary. If a cleanup is too excessive to tackle alone, specialized heavy duty cleaning services are available. If excessive clutter and/or waste (e.g. animal fecal matter, gross filth, etc.) is present within your home, Address Our Mess is able to help by working with you to safely and efficiently remove clutter and waste as needed. Make your local code enforcement happy and help maintain your neighborhood.