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Top 10 Organizing and Staging Tips for Selling a Home

Top 10 Organizing and Staging Tips for Selling a Home

You found your dream home and you are ready to leave the past behind and move on to greener pastures. Now all that is left between you and your new abode is the sale of your old property. Follow these helpful tips to properly show off your home to lure the eyes of potential buyers:

  1. Make sure pathways are cleared. This may seem obvious, but many people live life oblivious to clutter in their paths – clothes, toys, etc. Make sure these items are off the floor and put away when it comes time for selling.
  2. Doors must be able to swing clearly. If a door cannot open all the way, it can turn people off. Do not hide belongings behind doors or have anything blocking the doorways.
  3. Clear the kitchen and dining area. Make sure food isn’t lying about or that pots and pans are scattered everywhere. Show off a clear, clean space so people can appreciate what is being offered.
  4. Clean. Clean. Clean. No one wants to walk into a dirty household; it’ll only deter people from wanting to see more of the home.
  5. Remove items from tabletops and surfaces. These items may appear as clutter to the outside eye. Organize and put away papers and mail, make sure things are placed in their appropriate location, and make sure stains and smudges are cleaned off of the surfaces.
  6. Make sure the bathroom is cleaned and organized in every place: the bathtub/shower, sink, counter-top, toilet, and even the medicine cabinet. Seeing mold, grime, messy bottles of soap and shampoo, makeup, dirty (or even mismatching) towels, or really anything that throws off the appearance of the room can take attention away from the home itself.
  7. Remove personal possessions and pictures prior to showing your home. Potential buyers prefer to envision themselves living there rather than be preoccupied by your figurine collection or wall of family photos.
  8. Make sure appliances are in working order. If something is broken, it’s time to replace it or simply get rid of it if you no longer have any use for the item.
  9. Remove 50% of what is currently in your closets, and organize what is remaining in these closets. Utilize baskets and matching hangers to maintain a cohesive appearance. Make sure there is suitable lighting so potential buyers can see how much space they are really getting.
  10. Do NOT hide items in closets, the attic, the basement, or really anywhere in the home. Use this as an opportunity to go through your belongings and discard any items you no longer want/need. Donate items that are in good condition and trash those that are not. You can even consider selling items online or having a yard sale if you have time. Make sure items you want to discard are gone before moving day so you don’t accidentally relocate them to your new abode. If you have too many items you want to keep, you may want to consider a storage unit. If there is too much to clean alone employee the help of friends, family, or even a professional cleaning service.

You are now armed with newfound knowledge to show off the best of your home; the rest is up to you. Good luck selling!

Top 10 Tips For Selling A Home