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Josh Rafter Specialist

Josh Rafter- Hoarding Specialist

Whether you are a hoarder or know someone who is a hoarder, building a solid bond of trust is key to a successful recovery.  It is important to understand that when a person hoards, they are building an emotional attachment to each item that they bring into their home.  For hoarders, finding a loved one or a hoarding cleaning professional who you can trust to help you sort through the items you need and the items you don’t will be the difference between a clean and sanitary home and living in squalor.  For helpers of hoarders, in order to truly help your loved one, you must first understand why they have decided to keep the things that are in their home and be able to communicate why hazardous and dangerous things like human and animal waste, bodily fluids, old food, mold, bacteria, insects, rodents dirt, dust, and dander are not only a danger to a person’s health but could be deadly as well.

These are some terms that are used to define the hoarders situation. Always make sure that a company has the correct credentials before proceeding with hiring their service. Many junk haulers or bio hazard companies do hoarding cleanup on the side but to find a dedicated company is much more valuable to making sure the experience with the hoarder is proper and pleasant. Stress is a major factor when trying to clean out a home and the situation can become tense if not handled correctly. In some cases, it is called a hoarding disorder but most of the time the clients just find a connection with all the items they keep. It could be from a traumatic experience, the loss of a loved one or family member, or a number of other situations. Helping hoarders cope with the situation is something that our crew has experience with and loves to accomplish. Address Our Mess has pride in helping hoarders start a new life and helping hoarding become a past experience.

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BBB Accredited CleanupThere are many hoarding guidelines, do’s and don’ts, levels of hoarding cleanup situations and other types of information out there which should be read before hiring a company to do your cleanup. We have many informative news articles on our main site called www.clutterhoardingcleanup.com and on this blog under the News section for you to read. Make sure the company has the proper insurance, rated on BBB, has past customer testimonials to back up there work. Hoarding cleanup has received the reviews and attention of many companies from the television shows and media attention on this type of service. Don’t be fooled into a low cost service or a cost that is extremely high from someone who does it as a side project. Hoarders need a real person to help them along the way and understand their feelings.