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Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

Compulsive Hoarders Information and Advice

compulsive-hoarding-disorderCompulsive hoarding disorder is a disorder that affects roughly sixteen million Americans. Compulsive hoarding disorder is defined as the acquisition of a mass amount of items with little to no genuine value, while not being able to discard these items due to emotional attachment. Compulsive hoarding disorder has been highlighted in mainstream media with the introduction of reality television series like A&E’s Hoarders as well as TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. Professional intervention from a hoarding cleaning service provider is needed when the disorder disrupts the everyday livability of a person or family’s home.

The hoarding disorder can affect hoarders on multiple levels. Those suffering with mild hoarding symptoms may not necessarily have to worry about the more harsh effects of the disorder, but the potential for it to grow into a more severe case is possible. Mounds of clutter and paperwork may inundate areas like countertops, tables, shelves, even couches and beds. Boxes may begin to pile in livable areas, as narrow pathways start to form.

Serious and extreme versions of the compulsive hoarding disorder can begin to affect a person’s life even outside of the home. One of the most difficult aspects about hoarding is that it can cause a person to become so overcome by embarrassment that friendships and relationships start to fail. Serious and extreme cases of the compulsive hoarding disorder find home in major disrepair, as large piles and mounds of clutter, papers, boxes, food, and even garbage start to take over livable areas. Neglecting to clean the home turns into structural damage of the property. These damages can pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of those living in the home.

Animal hoarding, while a serious disorder in and of itself, can become a byproduct of compulsive hoarding disorder. Animal hoarding occurs when multiple pets begin to take over the home. Animal waste like feces, urine, and vomit begin to make the environment unsanitary, unhealthy, and extremely dangerous. Excessive amounts of dust and dander can create allergic reactions in both the pets and people who call the hoarded house a home. Wild animals, insects, and rodents are also attracted to the unsanitary situation, harboring a variety of deadly diseases and parasites which can overcome a family and their pets.

Life-threatening cases of the hoarding disorder can find a hoarded home in such disrepair that it can become condemned. Deplorable conditions force inhabitants of the property to live in squalor and filth. While simple clutter cleaning may not be able to solve problems created by life-threatening hoarding situations, professional hoarding cleaning services are capable of returning the worst situations back to beautiful, sanitary living conditions.

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