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Hoarding Cleanup for New York

Hoarding Cleanup for New York

New York HoardingWhen items and belongings start taking over a home and causing impairment to the occupants, it is likely a hoarding situation.  Hoarding occurs when the unwillingness to throw away items causes the living areas of a home to get filled up.  It is estimated that as many as 800,000 residents in New York suffer with some form of this condition.

Hoarding can be dangerous both in the city and in the suburbs of New York.  It can present a fire hazard, it can prevent maintenance workers from repairing basic necessities like heat and water, and it can impair the overall quality of life of everyone living in the home.  Studies show that large amounts of clutter can even cause increased levels of stress and anxiety.

But safety hazards aren’t the only danger associated with hoarding.  Hoarding occupants are also potentially at risk of losing their homes.  The Public Health Department in New York can evict occupants for hoarding, and homes with moderate to severe hoarding conditions will not pass state inspection.

Massive Hoarding Issues

Once hoarding or clutter gets too massive, it becomes overwhelming for one person to try and clean everything.  Attempting to can cause frustration and anger, but there is help available.  Address Our Mess is here to service the entire state of New York.  We work to ensure all homes are returned back to livable condition and control is back in the hands of the homeowner.

Address Our Mess specializes in sorting, organizing, and deep cleaning homes.  Unlike New York junk haulers, we do not come in and throw everything away.  We have an in-house team and case manager that will work with you to go through all your items.  We will sort through any amount of paper to preserve important documents, look through all items for valuables and important belongings, and work to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process.

For the items you decide to let go of, we take care of all trash disposal and we take all donations in your name to a charity of your choice.  We can take care of transportation to any storage units or facilities you may want to use for other items.

Deep Clean Up Of The Home

BBB Hoarding CertifiedWe also offer a thorough deep cleaning of the home, where we get rid of any filth, animal waste, or biohazards.  At the end of the job we ensure that your home is returned to a safe and healthy environment.

Address Our Mess has local teams in New York that will meticulously work with you to clean up your home.  We work both in the city and in residential New York to make sure every hoarded household has access to the help they deserve.