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Illinois Hoarding Help

Illinois Hoarding Help

Illinois Hoarding Help

Helping A Hoarder – Chicago

Hoarding Help In IllinoisIn the state of Illinois, roughly 3% of the population have hoarding problems. These hoarding problems vary across this great state and affect all different areas, from the city of Chicago to the state capital of Springfield. The problem of hoarding can be solved through counseling and the removal of the hoarded materials. What can trigger a person to hoard?

Hoarding can be the result of a person having a financial calamity occur. For many individuals during the peak of the economic recession, they could have lost everything but their home. Hoarding can be especially prevalent in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, where there were a lot of foreclosures during the recession.  As a result, individuals may feel the need to hold onto items. These possessions give the hoarder comfort from the stresses that were the result of their lost wealth.

Traumatic Events Causing Hoarding

A traumatic event, physical or mental, can trigger hoarding.  Examples can include an athlete who may have gotten injured, or surgeon who cannot perform their craft anymore can result in hoarding. These individuals are seeking to remember their past accomplishments. These hoarders tend to keep mementos of their successes, ranging from trophies to tools. All this can factor in with the building up of clutter in the home.

Growth Of Senior Hoarding

A growing cause of concern has been in the number of senior hoarding cases occurring in Illinois. Senior hoarding, has been an increasing concern among elder care providers across the great state of Illinois. Aging problems can create a hoarding problem, which is caused by the deterioration of the seniors mental and physical health. One of the primary concerns is to protect the seniors from the potential pitfalls of hoarding, which can create serious physical risks.

Chicago Hoarding Helpful Hints:
  • Emotional Cost Of A Hoarding Situation
  • Professional Approach With The Hoarder
  • Research Hoarding Information And Behavior
  • Provide Extreme Examples of Success Stories

Address Our Mess covers the entire state of Illinois. Their trained crews and case managers can help alleviate the problems of hoarders across many great cities such as Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria and all other cities in Illinois. Address Our Mess understands that hoarding is a sensitive issue for many individuals, and the company takes great strides to protect the issue and situation by providing strict privacy standards for our crews. Address Our Mess shows compassion and discretion to those who employ our services which provides the former hoarders to a safe and healthy living environment.