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Living With a Hoarder: The Struggle and How to Help

Living With a Hoarder: The Struggle and How to Help

Living With a Hoarder: The Struggle and How to Help

Piles of belongings clutter the pathways, a rank scent masks the air, chaos is everywhere. This may sound familiar if you are living with someone who has a hoarding condition. Most people are no exception to a bit of mess in their house, be it a small desk pile of scattered papers, clothing not put away, or a sink full of a few dirty dishes, but cases in which clutter is extreme and obstructive can become disruptive to the lives of all those residing within the household.

Living with a hoarder can be an emotional battle. Feelings of frustration, resentment and even embarrassment may develop. The situation can be stressful due to the fact that the compulsive habits of hoarders directly impact the home and the individuals residing within that home environment. The hoarding situation can even evolve into a dangerous physical matter with pathways obstructed, uninvited house guests such as insects moving into the residence, and scents and bacteria causing the development of respiratory conditions. For family members living with a hoarder, it is difficult to live each day in such harmful conditions.

Hoarding StruggleHoarders may have a sentimental attachment to their belongings or feel that they may need these items at a later date and are unwilling to dispose of their clutter. Fighting and demanding an end to the hoarding will not be an effective solution to the matter; however, the conditions of the household have become so unlivable that it is time to address the issue. How can this be done without directly throwing out everything, burning the house down, or just running away and hoping for the best?

Begin by educating yourself on the condition. Hoarding is a mental condition in which an individual experiences difficulty in discarding items to an excessive amount that can result in clutter. An item of little to no value to the majority may be difficult to discard due to its sentimental value or perceived use by the hoarder. The condition does not just impair the lives of those involved with the hoarder, but the hoarder is directly affected as well. Sometimes the hoarder may experience feelings of embarrassment and become socially isolated due to their fear of letting others into their home. Try to evaluate the feelings of the hoarder and learn more about what they are going through to help provide a new perspective.

Be supportive. Residing with and attempting to help a hoarder may be a difficult, frustrating experience, but your support can help to improve conditions. Offer your help and show your loved one that you care about his/her safety and well-being.hoarding-help

Recommend professional assistance. Well-trained professionals will not enter the home and immediately begin tossing items in the trash. These professionals are here to work side-by-side with the hoarder to effectively help the individual. Sometimes it may be difficult for the hoarder to willingly allow a clinician into their home. The process is a gradual one that will take time for the hoarder to accept. Like other mental conditions, hoarding takes patience to deal with, but the hoarding condition can be treated and improved with therapy.

Sharing a residence with a hoarder is challenging and attempting to help the hoarder may feel like an exasperating task to take on, but your loved ones need your support and assistance. Work side by side with the hoarder to improve conditions.

Address Our Mess can help to make the process easier. Address Our Mess has developed relationships with professional therapists over time which can be used to your advantage. Services provided by the company can also be utilized to directly delve into the hoarding situation. The main concern for Address Our Mess is the well-being of the hoarders and those involved. With a little effort and patience, a hoarding situation can be resolved.

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