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Michigan Hoarding Cleanup

Michigan Hoarding Cleanup

Difficulty letting go of items, losing important items, and feeling overwhelmed by possessions are all signs of hoarding. Hoarding usually occurs when a person has difficulty parting with possessions and clutter starts to pile up. Hoarding in Michigan, in particular, has become a widespread concern in recent years.

Hoarding Complications

Michigan Hoarding Clean UpHouses all over Michigan have clutter, but once physical objects start to interfere with someone’s well-being, it’s officially a hoarding situation. Living in a hoarded house can make daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene maintenance extremely difficult. It can also lead to an increased risk of fires and impaired access for emergency service workers.

In the most serious situations, Michigan health officials can even have hoarders evicted. This often leaves people with nowhere to live and potentially losing their belongings. The best solution is to cleanup hoarding situations before they can progress to this point.

Beginning cleanup efforts in a hoarded house alone can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating. It’s important you have ample support during this process. You may be able to find it through family and friends, task forces, or through hiring a specialty cleaning service.

Professional Services

Address Our Mess helps clean up hoarding situations throughout the entire state of Michigan. We specialize in sorting, organizing, and deep cleaning homes. Our in-house teams and case managers are trained to compassionately work with you to go through all your items, one room at a time. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process.

For the items you decide to let go of, we take care of all trash disposal and we take all donations to a charity of your choice, in your name.  If you need things moved out of your house and into a nearby storage facility, we handle packing and transportation of that too.

Finally, we take care of any deep cleaning the home may need; removing any filth, waste, or biohazards. We do all the heavy lifting so there is no extra stress added to the homeowner.

Address Our Mess has local teams in Michigan that will support you through the entire home cleanup process.  We are working to ensure every hoarded home in Michigan is returned to a safe and livable condition and homeowners are no longer burdened by clutter.