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Philadelphia Clutter

Philadelphia Clutter

Philadelphia Clutter

Clutter Clean Out Pennsylvania

Clutter can have a tremendous impact on the quality of a person’s life. In extreme cases, it can make an individual’s home unlivable. Clutter can cover the entire floor and even reach the height of the property’s ceiling. In the city of Philadelphia, PA, this can be especially problematic. The majority of the citizens of Philadelphia live in an urban environment.  The city is made up of a collection of diverse neighborhoods, each with their own personality and vibe. Different neighborhoods within Philadelphia can be affected by different types of clutter. The clutter in various areas can be associated with the demographics and the professions of the individuals residing there.

Philadelphia ClutterThe Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, for example, can have clutter that is associated with the professionals that live in that area. Many of the people that live in that area are lawyers, doctors, executives, and other corporate individuals. The clutter that can be found in their apartments and condos can be associated with their hectic lifestyles, revolving around their careers. In many cases, the chores of dusting, doing laundry, cleaning out a fridge, or doing dishes are placed on the back burner.  Many of these individuals are focused on professionally advancing; therefore, cleaning is not their top priority.

Areas where many young individuals are settling also have issues with clutter.  Their clutter is driven by their jobs as well. Some artistic and “hipster” areas that have such clutter include the areas of Manayunk, Fishtown, and  Northern Liberties. Young individuals are moving to these neighborhoods, but many of their hobbies and occupations produce clutter. The clutter can quickly take over their homes because much of the housing in these areas are narrow row-home properties that are over 150 years old.

In University City, home to the prestigious universities, Drexel and University of Pennsylvania, severe paper clutter appears to be the norm. Many of the people that live in this area are full-time academics, often away from their offices for extended periods of time. The offices and homes of the students and professors can quickly be consumed by books and paper clutter caused by their work. This type of clutter can pose a potential fire hazard. In other areas of the city, there is the potential for clutter not caused by hectic lifestyles of professionals or students, but by the age of the citizens.

In the areas of Somerton and Bustleton, there is a growing elderly community that has been caused by the demographic shift in the city’s population. When these neighborhoods were initially built, they started with new housing and new, younger residents. However, now many of the residents are getting older and are unable to clean their homes.  These homes were once treated with pride and great care while the home owners were raising their families, but due to the advanced aging of citizens in these areas,  they are unable to take care of their homes as they had once been able to do. Therefore, there is a growing need to help these individuals with regards to senior clutter concerns.  This can be caused by health issues, frailty, or even mental conditions, such as dementia. What can a person in the Philadelphia area do to address all of the differences facing these different types of individuals, and the wide variety of neighborhoods?

Address Our Mess’s local estimators and technicians can help resolve your clutter problems. These experts in the field of clutter removal can assist Philadelphians remove the cutter from the affected properties. Address Our Mess’s crew can handle any amount of large scale clutter and return the properties back to a livable, safe, and clutter free condition.