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Clutter Cleanup Services

Clutter Cleanup Services

A clutter condition is less urgent than hoarding but it still requires the aid of professionals in order to be efficiently addressed. Serious clutter can result in a hazardous residences. A home full of excess clutter can possess dangers such as obstructed pathways, unstable piles of miscellaneous items, and even weakening structure.

Clutter Cleanup Services Include:

  • A case manager helps to support and get you through this difficult process.
  • Staff is compassionate and patient and will not judge. Our staff has completed many cleanup projects and been through all types of situations. The combination of their training and their experiences makes them well prepared to help with the situation.
  • The matter is a private matter and will remain so. Unmarked vehicles will be utilized so as not to advertise the situation, and the situation will not be discussed with anyone except you or anyone you deem acceptable.
  • Staff will sort and organize items alongside you, so you have a say and can see what is happening to your belongings.
  • Dumpsters and cube trucks are available to dispose of unwanted items.

Other services such as junk removal services will only dispose of your clutter, but Address Our Mess knows that the clutter is not just junk. We work with you to help sort and organize the clutter, so you will be able to dispose of items you don’t want anymore and organize those you wish to keep.